10 Jan 2015

Every summer, without fail, you’ll battle LORIS alongside hundreds of other students as your try to register for classes. Despite being vastly outnumbered, LORIS almost always wins, holding out like the 300 Spartans.

The way class registration works is that groups of classes will open up for registration at the same time. For example, at 6 o’clock on Tuesday, every single second year Arts major will be trying to register for their classes before they fill up. LORIS crashes because the server it runs on is not designed to handle so much traffic going to it at once. After all, class registration is the only time of the year when more than a handful of people will visit the site at once.

To get from the homepage, to the class signup page, to that glorious confirmation page once you have 5 courses sitting in your account, you just need one button. Meet your new best friend: F5. It’s a travesty how underused this function key is. It refreshes your current webpage, which means that every time the site crashes as you try to proceed to the next step, you can just press F5 instead of going back, waiting for the page to load, clicking to continue again, waiting for that page to load, and enduring endless “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” messages (although you should probably just stop using IE and download Google Chrome). Either way, all you need to do is hit F5 every time the site crashes and go on your merry way!

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